• Ergon asks, "Where are Fuzzy & Dejay?"

    Fuzzy & DejayMeet Fuzzy & Dejay...it's a facial hair thing.

    Ergon took 2 singlespeed super freaks. Helped set them up in a RV for the summer. Then told them to ride and race their bikes at exotic locations across North America to see what random shenanigans result as of these travels. Oh, and we can't forget, we told them to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. You have been warned!

    This is where you, the consumer, now comes in. Every month, a photo will be posted on the Ergon USA website from Fuzzy & Dejay's travels. It will be your challenge to figure out where the photo was taken. Could it be Moab, UT? Whistler, BC? Or even Fruita, CO? The reward for the first correct emailed answer will be a selected Ergon product announced for that months contest.

    To enter and see the contest rules simply visit the "News" section of the Ergon website. Each month a new photo and prize will be listed. Good luck!

    July '08 Contest and photo