• Watts, Lumens, & Candlepower.

    I am constantly asked by people at races, per e-mail, and at the shop what kind of watts and/or lumens the CatEye Shot and Pro lights produce. Well, it's neither. CatEye measures their lights by candlepower. Here is what CatEye has to say on the matter....

    Watts are a measurement of energy consumed by a light source. In the past, when most systems were using similar halogen bulbs, understanding that a 15 watt system will be brighter than a 10 watt system was simple. Now, not only are there different technologies of halogen, HID, and LED, but the same wattage of LED will not necessarily produce the same amount of light. CatEye states that they can no longer consider watts as an accurate way to measure light output.

    Lumens measure the total amount of light that a specific light system produces. Although lumens is an accurate measurement of light output, it says nothing about the efficiency of light projected. Respectively, a lighting system with a high lumen output may not be designed to utilize the light properly for cycling.

    Candlepower (candela) is the specific measurement of projected light. As a preferred method of measurement by CatEye, this usable light is the result of complete consideration of the lighting system from the batteries and circuity that drive the light source, to the lens and reflector that project the light.

    As a result, CatEye stats that the consumer can be confident that all aspects of the light has been measured, refined, engineered and designed to exceed most consumers expectations.