• Gravel Intensity.

    Sunday in the cycling world is traditionally race day. Well, there was no races close by, so I put a shout out for a race like effort around the 6.5 mile gravel loop outside of New Hartford. Mr. Houlihan answered my call, and we departed at 8 AM for the 1 hour gravel grinder to get there. Once we got there it was on! 1 hour of cat and mouse on the huge rollers that make up this loop.


    After 1 hour of race effort, it was into New Hartford to make our way home. We pulled up to the Quick Star gas station to grab much needed water only to find Yoda...err...John Adamson refueling for his ride back to town. He had been out rage'n gravel at the same time.

    We ended up riding home all together discussing the reast of the season and what was on the plate. For me I rolled into the apartment about 11 AM...slammed some oatmeal...then got to work by 11:30. Here are the final stats for todays training ride...

    Ride Time: 3 hrs, 36 min, 18 sec
    Distance: 59.64 miles
    Average Speed: 16.5 mph
    Max Speed: 35.4 mph

    Rest of the week will be prep for the 24 Hours of Afton on Friday and Saturday. Looks something like this....lots of sleep, little miles, little intensity, smart eating.

    Also have to get the Rush's dialed. Sholdn't take long, cause they are always dialed. Going to put on the Maxxis Cross Marks for the event. This tire is a good all-rounder tire. Should prove to be the proper tire choice. As for getting the bikes dialed, all I really need to do is set up the Lefty and RP3 with the proper air pressures for the event and do some minimal cleaning.

    Wahooooooooo, race starts Friday at 5 PM!