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    What did I do on Monday? Not a whole lot. I did my shift at the shop and ripped through the repair work with Mr G-Ted. We have a week and a half of repair work to get through. That is a good thing as it make time go fast. Only downfall is customer cannot figure out why it takes so long to get bikes worked on. Well, it freek'n July in a part of Iowa that bleeds cycling. That's why. As for bike time yesterday, I just commuted to and from work. The legs were a bit fatigued to go out for any real ride.

    Tonight is another road group ride...or should be.. provided it stops raining. I am going to start testing/trying the new Accelerade product I received the other day. So far a few folks that have tried it like it. Then there are others that say you need an "iron gut." We'll see. I am not going to give my 2¢ till I have hade ample time to give a true test of the product.

    I received an e-mail from the guru's at CatEye regarding the latest on their new lights. I should be seeing this light in the next few days in its proto-type stages. Sloane and myself will be using these new lights at Nationals. I have details, but am not going to post anything yet. You'll just have to keep checking back...or come on some of my night rides between now and the end of July.

    Don't forget! Anyone locally that digs this jersey from Twin-Six can get it dirt cheap! As in $36 dirt cheap! I know people...who know people...who know people that kick ass in Minnie-soda that make this offer available. E-mail for all the details, or swing by the shop ASAP!

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