• Light Riding & Busy Work.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I worked all weekend. Saturday and Sunday were pretty busy, so I wasn't a big deal. As for bike time, I took Saturday as an easy day and just rode to and from work. I was a whopping 4 miles round trip. On Sunday, I wanted some intensity, and was planning a 30 mile TT on the road with the RUSH. I woke to rain, and was hesitant to head out, but I figured "what if it rains at Nationals?" So I saddled up and ripped off the workout, and then headed back to the shop for my Sunday shift. The TT went well, as I averaged 20.1 mph for the distance of the effort.

    July 4th will be a fast 100+ miles in the saddle. There is a group heading out at 7 AM from Kingsley Elementary in Waterloo. Check the map if you care to go. Finer details and map are here.