• It's go time!

    24 National's is here. Today is that last day in Waterloo before I head out to Cheese-consin for a 3 day weekend of copious miles and extreme swamp ass. Weather is looking to be the X-factor of the event. Here is the forecast for Saturday and Sunday...

    High: 93 and humid (heat index 104 degrees)
    Low: 70 with chance of severeT-storms

    High: 95 and humid (heat index 106 degrees)
    Low: 71 and chance of storms

    I want to say, that the weather should not be an issue, but at those numbers anyone can run into problems. In fact, last year Nationals in WA state should be prime example of what the heat can do if you do not gauge your effort and hydration.

    So today, I am doing a light 1 hour spin, then I am at work till 8 pm. If work gets slow, I am getting the bikes dial with new rubber and lube. After that it is home to pack up the car with all the gear...but bikes.

    The sun will rise in the morning and a new day will start. At 7 AM the weekend begins. Only time will tell what kind of exciting weekend will be instore for those of us racing. Check back late Sunday or early Monday for a recap of my first 24 of the year.