• Can You Feel It? **UPDATED**

    I was messing with the blog template since the sidebar would not line up on those folks who where not running Firefox. After some minor tweek'n, I think I got it so it is happy to view in IE and Firefox. Is it working for you? It appears that based on the comments that things are working better now.

    Now on to the situation on the Ponca Marathon. I have the RUSH all cleaned up so it looks all purdy n'stuff. The weather forecast has taken a turn to "Oh crap" mode. At the beginning of the week the weather clown was saying that the heat would be high and the skies dry. Well, now the official word on the TV and web is rain showers and a high of 65 degrees. WTF? The lows at night haven't even been down to 65! Now when it comes time to suffer on a bicycle for 4+ hours the weather has to go ass-backwards on us. Geez. Only time will tell. I hope the weather is on the DL so the camping experience doesn't turn into a episode of Rescue 911.

    The marathon race this weekend will be pretty low key for myself. I am going self supported carrying all hydration and food with me during the event. I will be running HEED in the Wingnut and a super concentrated bottle of Perpetum on the frame That should be more than enough calories to get the job done.

    As far as tires, I am going to try the new 2.1 Maxxis Ignitor. This will make for a good multi condition tire should it decide to rain...or be dry for that matter. I am even briging an select few other tire styles just incase.

    This weekends race activities and travel are brought to you by Racing-A-Rush Rain Poncho's

    Time to go give'r. Over 'n out.