• The Jeff & Jeff 50

    The title of todays post kind of sounds like a NASCAR race. Ugh! I just mentioned NASCAR...I mean NASCRAP. Ahhhhhh, end the madness!

    Well anyway, last night after a day at the shop me and the other Jeff (Jeff Slade) headed out for 50 miles of junk miles. No structure. No set plan. Just good ole ride'n. We met at 6 bells at Pfiefer Park then headed North out out town up and around Finchford...Janesville...Wagner Rd...Ghettoloo...etc. He was in full on tri-geek mode with the Slingshot Tri bike with his new hand built Dirtram hoops. The looked pretty sweet. He was running a bit late cause he was doing what Tri guys do before they ride a bike...run. Yep, he was running before the ride. He can run. I can not. I run like a cow. Moooooooo.

    Yesterday I worked at the shop with the boss man. I bet him 5 bucks that Dave Zabriskie would win the stage in the Tour. He did! I called it! I was nice and let him keep his $5 to buy more Planters Nuts and processed chili products.

    The shop was crazy at times. I was stress'n. I wanted to stab someone with my Pedro's Screwdrivers. I didn't.

    Here is my plan for today....blog....trip to Wally-World...bike time...work...sleep.

    That is all yo!