• Goodies from QBP Frsotbike (dealer only show)

    Today was the day. Myself and Guitar Ted headed up to QBP for their annual dealer open house. The drive up was a bit sketchy at times, but we made it. Saw a lot of cool new stuff. If you like carbon, then this is the year for you. Below is a list of things that caught my eye on this trip up North. In no particular order.

    The new Hayes ElCamino disc brake with power adjust lever.

    2005 Salsa El Santo. Can you say Scandium FS bike?

    Ergon Grip. Melts into my hand like butter. Hope to get a few pairs to race on. Stay tuned for product test review. Yes, it looks funny. But trust me. It feels awesome!

    BMC Fourstroke 01. Very sweet. Very similar to the Giant Trance and Sanata Cruz Blur. It has that whole VPP thing going on.

    Other items that I saw, but do not have pictures for....TruVativ's new 31.8 stems and handlebars, TruVativ's Carbon X-Type Cranks. Also got to see the latest version of the light I tested out in Moab for Cateye. Very cool! 3 hours run time, on a 3 hour charge. That's all the info I am going to disclose on that, cause I am not sure how much info Cateye wants to leak out into the public.

    There is also an excellent recap of the show at the Kona Enduro Blog. All I can say is bling-bling hotels, shaving heads, and jumping bikes on beds. Caution, punks at play!

    Wonder what Guitar Ted is dreaming about? Dos Niners?