• REPORT: Enduro Cup - Moab

    Release from the team below.  On a side note, sign up for an enduro event!  Super fun riding and racing in a chill environment. Egos and attitudes checked at the door.  Amazing day of riding hard on trails with 120+ of your best friends!  All you need is a 5"-6" travel bike and willingness to ride amazing trails!

    Kerkove gets a taste of enduro racing in Moab

    May 4, 2013
    Moab, UT

    This past weekend on the Magnificent 7 trail system west of Moab, UT marked the opening round of the Enduro Cup Series, a three race enduro series in Utah. Enduro racing is a rapidly growing racing format that combines downhill riding skills with XC like fitness on a series of timed stages. Racing aboard a 6” travel Canyon Strive, Jeff Kerkove of Team Topeak-Ergon threw himself into the mix of the Enduro Cup – Mag 7 event.

    Enduro Cup - Moab

    The event at the Mag 7 trails was a very pedaling heavy event. The course favored the rider who had great fitness as well as superior bike handling skills. Jeff was introduced to the course and format quickly with the opening stage. While the stages were only 2-3 miles long and took 5-7 minutes to complete, the effort level is that of XC racing. “I was pinned at max effort right from the start!”, said Jeff after the event. Racers would mimic this effort over similar timed stages 4 times during the day.

    Enduro Cup - Moab

    Jeff following the event, “The racing was super hard….harder than I thought. I crashed early in Stage 2 with a front tire wash out on a sandy corner, which cost me some time. Enduro racing is racing on the verge of in control and out of control. Every second counts! While the competition is intense, the vibe is super chill and all the athletes competing are on the same page about having a great bike experience. After trying this Moab event, it has sparked interest to try more enduro racing.”

    Jeff would finish consistently in the top 20 on all stages. “I had no idea of my results after each stage until the event was done. It was full-gas on each stage until the finish. I am happy with 19th place for my first time trying this format and a racing against a very talented Pro Mens field.”

    Stage 2 - Upper Bull Run: 27th
    Stage 4 - Lower Bull Run: 17th
    Stage 6 - Arth's Corner: 20th
    Stage 8 - Great Escape: 17th
    OVERALL: 19th, Pro Men