• Colorado Trail Race: Equipment and is the third time a charm?

    OK, so the Colorado Trail Race (CTR) starts on Monday. This year will be attempt number 3. I am hoping the third time is a charm. Only time will tell. Nothing is guaranteed in this event....or any multi-day event. My goals are the same as the last 2 years, but the plan of attack has changed. Not only has that changed, so has my equipment. Previous years I was on a 4" travel 26er. This year, a hardtail 29er with 2.4 tires. The Canyon 29er I am riding with the 2.4 tires feels comfy like my 4" travel 26er, but with more efficiency. Below is my bike set up for the duration of the event. Only thing not pictured is the Ergon BX3 pack I will be wearing.

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupThe bike in fully-loaded mode.

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupFront end of the bike with the Topeak Fuel Tank - Large for food.  A Revelate Designs fuel tank is attached to the seatpost, which carries misc. items.

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupA Black Diamond headlamp to be used for night vision. I removed the head strap and zip-tied it to the handlebar.  The battery back is velcro strapped to the downtube.

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupContinental X-King 2.4 29er tires set up tubeless with Stan's on the front and rear.  The X-King is my go-to tire for Colorado riding.

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupI normally run the Ergon GS1 grips for riding and racing.  For CTR I am adding barends with the Ergon GS2 for the additional leverage and hand positions.

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupFor navigational assistance, the choice was easy due to easy user interface and ability to put in fresh batteries while on trail: Garmin eTrex 30

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupI normally run the SM3-S saddle for riding and racing.  For CTR I am bumping up a size to the SM3-L for a bit more support over the long haul.

    2012 Colorado Trail Race bike setupAll the usual suspects here: Crank Brothers Candy 11 pedals, Topeak carbon cages, and FRS bottles to hold anything liquid I might be craving; like soda.

    More CTR bike pictures.

    As I said above, the race begins on Monday at 6 AM.  Here are the links to tracking....

    Colorado Trail Race Tracking

    Jeff Kerkove individual tracking page

    Mobile device tracking page via BlueDot

    Race discussion and online chatter will be here

    This will be the last update until after the race.  I will be updating Twitter and Facebook.