• Weekend at altitude

    Sunday was spent riding trails around Breckenridge, CO with Sonya. Scary things is what we rode in relationship to the time of year. Pretty much all the singletrack in the video shouldn't be rideable for another 3-4 weeks. A low snow year and warm temps have a lot of the mountain trails riding like July. Good, but scary....especially for the fire danger. As always, the Epic Cam was along for the ride.

    On the Monday Holiday, I did a early mission to Trail Ridge Rd in Rocky Mountain National Park. Once again, not much snow. This was by far the windiest and coldest ride I have had up there. Winds were blowing at 30+ mph and the temps were in the low 40fs. Hands got a little numb.....almost too numb. Had to stop twice on the descent back to Estes Park to warm the hands. The views? AMAZING!!!

    Trail Ridge Rd - Rocky Mnt National Park