• Week in review

    Warmth of January 2012It was really warm early in the week. Temps near 65F! Not sure if this is ideal for the Yak-Attack in general, but I will take it!

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
    Mid week, the vest unzipped doing intervals up to Estes Park and dodging the local wildlife.

    The snow came....then went awayAn easy ride on the 'dams' on Friday after we got about 1/2 inch of snow in the AM....then it all melted away by 2 PM.

    Oval Ride - Jan 28Tom Danielson showed up for the Oval Ride on Saturday. Us non-climbing types paid dearly! Ouch! I popped on Carter Lake. BOOM!

    Climbing tempo ride in Boulder with CarsonSunday was a 4 hr tempo climbing day with recent IA to CO transplant, Carson Christen.

    Climbing tempo ride in Boulder with CarsonQuick bottle refill at the natural spring just below Ward, CO....en route to putting in a 7k climbing day.

    Climbing tempo ride in Boulder with CarsonFinished up the day in proper Boulder style: dirt roads, switchbacks, and steep.