• Holiday Hibernation

    Finished up a big block of training prior to the 4-day Christmas break. Break equals no training.  Basically 4 days of chilling out with Family. It was a good 2 weeks with some longer rides focusing on climbing as well as occasionally running the engine hot on the local group rides. Needless to say, by the end of the block I was ready for some rest.  It will be an on-going process until leaving for Nepal: training then rest, training then rest.  It's all about building and layering on fitness.  Here are a few highlights....

    Oval Ride - Dec 17, 2011The regularly scheduled Saturday Oval Ride. The week before was the 'lite' version. This week, it was taken up a notch. Started with a good healthy group of about 50. By mid-ride it was down to like 10. Still early in the year for most. Beauty of the ride/route is everyone can go as fast or slow as they like.

    Sawmill Rd.8k climbing day outside Boulder, CO. Good weather window with temps near 50F around 7,000-10,000 ft. These kind of days are few and far between in Dec-Jan. You take them when you can get them. Could have spent all day out there, but sunlight dictates temp. range.

    Looking for dry dirt!Searching for dry trails behind the house. Few and far between this time of year. 2 days after this picture was taken, we got 7 inches. Think it is time to head to Moab! :)

    Top of Towers Rd. west of Fort CollinsThe day before the Winter Storm Warning went into effect. Climbing to the top of Towers Rd. west of Fort Collins. Climbing = Yak-Attack focus.

    Scope out the Strava gps files here.