• Bike then hike then bike

    Yak-Attack training - trial runYeah, I know. This photo is wrong. Very wrong. But, when you are training for an event that will require each rider to hike for 4 hours up to nearly 18,000 ft often carrying the bike....this photo now becomes correct. We finally got some cold temps and snow here in Fort Collins...both of which will be seen at the Yak-Attack in March.  Hopefully at the event there is less snow than more. It was good to get out and test some gear and ways to carry the bike.  One thing for sure, I learned a lot in this 2.5 hour ride and hike.  For example....

    - Salomon Gore-Tex trail running shoes were good, even in the 25F temps
    - REI Gore-Tex gaiters were money! Kept everything warm and dry.
    - Dressing for riding in the cold is not ideal for hiking in the cold. read: overheating
    - How to best carry the bike?  To be determined.
    - Deep snow (6+ inches) requires carrying the bike full time.  See above.
    - SRAM XX pulleys decide to stop spinning at about 25F ;)

    Overall, it might look miserable, but it fact it was a blast!