• 11 days later.

    Yes, it has been 11 days since last blog post. Just a lot of the same 'ole stuff going on here in Fort Collins: work, ride, repeat. Plus, Facebook and Twitter are slowly taking the place of blogging.....especially when people want to-the-second updates on life, riding, training, gear, etc.  Blogging is becoming the diary.....archive of life.

    Work is busy.  Yes, I work. For those blog followers that may need a refresher and for those new readers, I basically run the show for marketing and customer service for Ergon in North America.  The bike riding is a highly addictive passion of mine.  So, yes, I constantly mix work and pleasure.  I am lucky.  Very lucky!

    Anywho, enough with the boring stuff.  Yak-Attack.  It's one of a few things currently on my mind all day....every day.  The challenge consumes me.....the terrain....the culture.....the environment.....the training.....and relationship building.  Is this healthy? Feels like it. This week it became 100% real.  The biggest hurdle was the funding for the $1500 airline tickets.  That was finalized, and tickets will be booked in early January.  So now, training keep moving forward.  Discussing with team partners as well trying to get the new Canyon 29er hardtails here in time.  The course favors them.  Not going to lie, it would also be a great marketing opp for Canyon.

    Winter is not here officially, but seems this winter is going to be 'hard' as the locals refer to it.  Temps in the low 40Fs and snow on the ground for more than a few days is not the norm.  But it is Colorado, so we deal with it.  The last few weeks have been a mix of indoor and outdoor training.  Pictures tell the story the best.

    Skip'n across the damsPedaling the road that sits right behind the house on a 35F degree day. The sun....so warm. Makes it super easy to get out the door earlier in the day.

    Deep in the bowels of the training compound putting in the work.The 'indoor cycling studio'.....also known as the laundry room. It is a neccesary evil. Trainer doesn't bother me.....when there is a plan. So, I plug into the iPod and put the MacBook in front of me with World Cup XC replys and put in the work.

    Stomping down snow near Beaver Creek, CONon-cycling activities. Most notably stomping around the snow at 9,000-11,000 ft. with a like minded other with similar goals.

    The Oval Ride 'Lite'Oval Ride is starting up. This past weekend was the 'lite' version. Basically meaning the full 90 mile loop minus the speeds that make a grown man or woman bleed out their eye sockets onto their stem. It will all change soon. Surviving to the end will be the goal for each and every rider.

    High mountain roads. Perfect for Yak-Attack! Temps in the 40Fs, low wind, groups of 5-10 riders makes these rides a freak'n blast!

    Gas station lattes. Calories and warmth wrapped into one package. 'Nuff said.