• 2011 season has come to an end. Looking to 2012.

    Another season in the books. Not the best season in recent years in terms of results, but still got to ride some amazing courses and locations. Things could have been worse. With the travel chaos that was this years Brasil Ride bringing the season to an end, it is time to start picking the battles for 2012.

    Right now, I have a few events in mind.....some I have done before.....others will be new. What very well could be the biggest challenge (other than CTR) I have took part in being the first event of the year, the winter training will be interesting to say the least. Right now, Sonya and I are both confirmed to make the trip to Nepal in March to take part in the "Highest mountain bike race in the World". The race is the Yak-Attack. A non-profit and only allowing 15 international racers, it's an 11 day stage race with 250 miles and 40,000 ft of elevation gain through some of the highest terrain in the World! As much as it is a race, it will be more of an adventure ride and life changing experience. The local riders automatically have the edge here with the course topping out near 18,000 ft. The highest I have ever been is just over 14,000 here in Colorado. Should make things very interesting to race in a different culture and environment. I'm pretty excited to train for a new/different event! Check out this video from the 2010 Yak-Attack, it give a good idea of what the 11 days 'should' be like. Starting at minute 4:49 are some pretty powerful clips/scenes.

    Right now, I am in the middle of a 2 week break from 'training'. Basically only riding when I feel like it. It is a good time for a break, as the Ergon workload is pretty big right now, and I am in the middle of organizing all the frames, clothing, and components of the Topeak-Ergon USA riders for the 2012 season.  Major SKU overload!