• Post-Interbike detox ride

    First ride on the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX road bike. What better way to detox from everything that is wrong with Las Vegas than to break-in a new road bike doing a tempo up the canyon. Yes, that would be riding the Canyon up the canyon. Got to say I am impressed with the first spin on the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX. While not available in the USA right now, the time is coming when they will be. I can sit here and spew all kinds of tech info, but from my road riding experience (Cannondale and Rotwild), this is one of the better rides I have had. Sporty if you will. For me, the most noticeable riding features are: stiffness of front end and BB area, weight of the bike. Going to go long on the bike this weekend. Should be a true test of the latest bike technology to come out of Germany.

    Off topic, the coolest things to come out of Interbike was some pretty set-in-stone funding to get to Nepal in March 2012 for the Yak-Attack. I have the entry covered, which isn't by any means cheap. The flight was the issue. With this appearing to be set, the plans to race for 11 days at 10,000 ft up to near 18,000 ft are moving forward. Seriously the trip and experience of a lifetime! Here is a picture from last year on Stage 9 at the course high-point of 17,500 ft!

    Yak-Attack at 17,500 ft in Nepal