• Weekend Update - Thin Air

    I took 5 days off the bike due to the road rash. It wasn't until Saturday that I felt the wounds were good enough to get out in the elements. I hooked up with Jonathan Davis and crashed at his place for the weekend of training. He lives west of Golden, CO at the lovely elevation of 9,200 ft. It was the perfect home base for 2 days of high altitude training.

    Day 1 was focused on CTR training. I had the fully loaded CTR race bike out for the day. John and I basically rolled west of Peak-To-Peak Hwy in search of the highest terrain we could find. We got up to nearly 13,000 ft....but also had a lot of snow to deal with. Here are a few snap shots from the day.

    2011 CTR Training - Gilpin CountyMust get to the top of those mountains!

    2011 CTR Training - Gilpin CountyA good long push through the snow. Thank god is was firm and we were not sinking in up to our thighs.

    2011 CTR Training - Gilpin CountyPushing along above 12,000 ft. Pretty much the 'says all' photo for CTR.

    2011 CTR Training - Gilpin County

    The details from the ride are posted here on STRAVA.

    Sunday was more of the same. It was all about getting in BIG miles at BIG altitude. A group of us headed out from John's house planning on an out and back of Mt. Evans. On paper this would be a 100 mile day with over 10,000 of climbing. Lets just say this ride broke us. At some point during the day, each rider had their moment. The moment of suffering. For me, it was the long nearly 30 mile climb from 7,500 ft up to the Mt Evans summit at 14,200 ft. I had no gas. Pedal strokes were simply a motion....no power Eventually, I came back around. Last 2 hour of the 102 mile ride felt like hours 1 and 2 of the day. Strong and smooth.

    Super Mt. EvansGroup rolls out at 7:30 AM

    Super Mt. EvansStarting the climb up from Idaho Springs.

    Super Mt. EvansNearing treeline.

    Super Mt. EvansStill riding up. Most of us were riding solo on the climb. Different speeds and different leg freshness.

    Super Mt. EvansRoad debris.

    Super Mt. EvansLess than 1 mile to summit.

    Super Mt. EvansThe Mt. Evans summit photo.

    Super Mt. EvansThe group heads down. Temps 7,000 ft lower were near 85F. Where this pic is taken is just shy of 14,000 ft and temps around 40F

    Super Mt. EvansResupply in Idaho Springs. Still have 3 hours and about 3500 ft to climb to get home.

    Super Mt. Evans
    Power food!

    The stats from the ride, just in case you like to try.

    It was a big weekend.  Time to rest a bit....and then do it again next weekend.  Heading to Durango for an underground 100 miler on July 2. Then driving to Breckenridge to do the Firecracker 50 on July 4th.