• Colorado Trail Race training in full swing

    Starting to gear up for the CTR.  The next 2 months are focused on nothing but prep for the CTR, which begins on Aug 1 at 6:30 AM.  Long rides with a lot of weight are the ticket.  Being the first weekend of CTR training, the rides were loaded, but short in duration: 3-4 hours.

    Saturday, I met up with fellow Iowan and Ft Collins resident, Andrew Carney, for a 4 hour push west of town.  Lots of steep up and down and some good 30-40 minute hike-a-bike got the body back into the CTR mood.

    Sunday was more of the same. This time Sonya and I went down to Bailey, CO to preview next weekend 100 mile race course for the Bailey Hundo, and pre-ride the opening sections of the Colorado Trail. This was also Sonya's first real loaded up CTR training ride. Needless to say, she learned a lot only being on the bike for 3 hours. One of those? The importance of good shoes. The other? Filtering water. Here are the pictures.