• Race Report: Whiskey 50

    Quick report for now, as I am waiting on some photos...as well as enough time to type up the full report.

    The Whiskey 50 was not a high priority event for me this year.  Having to stand around on my feet for 2 days prior to the race working the Ergon booth and a larger event coming up in 3 weeks moved the priority level down.  Due to the massive prize payout this year, a lot of big hitter came to throw down some power on this 50 mile loop.  It was good to have these riders to increase the competition!

    I went into the Whiskey 50 with a few personal race goals:

    1. Race and beat a few select riders....ie: the race withing the race.
    2. Ride faster than my 2 previous race attempts. 2009: 3 hrs 44 min  2010: 3 hrs 38 min
    3. Go sub 3.5 hours for my final race time.

    I met all my goals and personally executed a perfect race.  I finished in 27th overall out of 52 finishers.  My final race time on my GPS was 3 hrs 28 min.  So, I went sub 3.5 hours and beat my time from last year by 10 minutes!

    Full report and images to come!