• Moab mini-training binge

    It's no secret, the weather last week was crappy.  Cold, cloudy, and crappy.  I got grumpy.  Very unseasonable for Colorado for sure.  The weather was making training and riding very unstructured and hit-n-miss.  So, on Friday, I got fed up with only being able to get in 1 hr rides here and there.  I packed up the Ergon van with bikes and camping gear and made the 6 hour drive to Moab to do a 2 day training binge.  Basically the plan was to get out for 5-7 hours each day....ride as much trail as possible....and ride and a good endurance pace.

    Friend, sponsored Ergon rider, and my contact at ELETE, Sarah Kaufmann was also in town and with the same plan.  Since it is not wise to ride solo in Moab, we hooked up for the rides on both days! Moab got some rain in the days prior to my arrival. The conditions were perfect! Hardly any deep sand to be found all weekend!

    Day 1: Porcupine Rim and Amasa Back

    Mini Moab Training Camp: Day 1A must do trail in Moab.  A classic!  Pedal your butt up.....shred the descent down!

    Mini Moab Training Camp: Day 1Top of Porcupine Rim looking towards Colorado.

    Mini Moab Training Camp: Day 1Bottom part of Porcupine Rim

    Mini Moab Training Camp: Day 1
    Amasa Back.....going up!

    Mini Moab Training Camp: Day 1Local Moab fauna

    Day 2: Bar M - Circle O - Sovereign Tr - Gemini Bridges - Lazy EZ - Deadman's - Pipe Dream

    Mini-Moab Training Camp: Day 2Circle O Trail.  Just follow the stain.  Simple enough.

    Mini-Moab Training Camp: Day 2Sovereign Trail

    Mini-Moab Training Camp: Day 2Gemini Bridges

    Mini-Moab Training Camp: Day 2Name speaks for itself!  This new trail out by the M-O-A-B trail set is awesome!

    Mini-Moab Training Camp: Day 2Another new trail, Pipe Dream on the SW side of town.

    Mini-Moab Training Camp: Day 2Riding the edge for 4.5 miles!

    Mini-Moab Training Camp: Day 27 hours and a lot of salt expelled.

    It was a good weekend!  Next weekend will be another big training block with the 64 mile Growler race right in the middle of it.