• Pushing pedals to the sky

    Climbing training - BoulderHad a good group for the ride in Boulder. For me, I needed a climbing workout. My plan was a 5-6 hour day with 10,000 ft of climbing. Other riders were cool with that plan and joined in on the fun.

    Climbing training - BoulderIt didn't take long...and our group split up. We started with about 12 riders....and 20 minutes into the ride we were down to 7. Different levels of fitness and recovery had speeds all over the place. Have to admit, I had to stay on the gas...wasn't a 'given' ride.

    Climbing training - BoulderMy view all day....bringing up the rear. My heart rate was saying zone 3....legs were saying different. Definitely carrying some fatigue from the Oval Ride the day prior.

    Climbing training - BoulderUp!

    Climbing training - BoulderKurt R. showed us all some new roads. Good and steep roads. This is one of the dead end spots we topped out at. We are looking west....but you wouldn't know it with the snow falling off in the distance.

    To reach our goal of 10,000 ft of climbing today we needed to ride up to Gold Hill via Sunshine Canyon one more time. Guys on the road bikes had to dig hard all day!

    Here are the ride stats for the day.