• Grewal dropped my ass

    It was good to get back out an do another Oval Ride after a break due to travel to Seattle. This is pretty much a 'free' weekly road race. The efforts are hard and the talent level between riders is high. This week was a good training block for me. Good structure and a good amount of suffer. Going into the ride today I felt about 80%-85%. Legs were a tad sluggish from the week of work. On the flats I had the power. On the climb, it was a different story. Only about 1/2 of the 'regular' crew was at the ride today due to a crit down in Boulder. Didn't matter as there were some fast guys that stayed in Fort Collins to train. Notably was Alexi Grewal (1984 Olympic Road Champion) who is logging the miles and planning his 2011 comeback. Needless to say, a lot of pain and suffering today. It felt good.....really good!