• Almost 'Go Time'

    First race is around the corner. 17 days to be exact. Instead of racing at Sea Otter this year, I have opted to race the Julian Death March down in Julian, CA. Looks like a good one with 86 miles and 12,000 ft of climbing.

    So, the training continues.

    Tuesday was a nice little tempo with some hard 1.5 minute intervals thrown in.  Had to battle the wind more than anything.

    Wind is blowing at roughly 25 mph sustained...with higher gusts. Wind is blowing right to left in the video.

    Today, the intensity was kicked up a notch with 3 x 20 minute sub-threshold climbing intervals up Rist Canyon. Climbing training = more prep for the Julian Death March.

    3x20 climbing intervals in Rist CanyonWhat the workout looks like on paper.

    In person, it is a slog up the canyon.

    Tomorrow, the first batch of bikes arrives for the USA team members! Can't wait! There will be a massive building and shipping session which will follow. Stay tuned for photos!