• Winter Blast

    We finally saw it!  Winter that is.  The riding in St. George was fantastic with temps in the 60Fs for the 3 days.  Monday, the weather was to fall out with cold temps and ice/snow.  So, immediately after finishing the last ride in St. George, myself and a few other CO based riders high-tailed it back to our respective homes.  For me, that was 10 hours of driving after 5 hours of riding. I walked in the door at midnight...was in bed by 12:30 AM.

    Driving das sprinter back to CO
    Me driving back to CO at mach 80.....which is top speed for das sprinter van, jah!

    Good thing a few of us drove back, as Monday was a mess on the roads in Colorado.  Temps at 0F and ice/snow covering the roads made for dangerous travel.  The rest of the week....at least up until Thursday and today....was cold....VERY COLD!  By cold I mean temps during the day around 1F.....and windchills near -30F.  Schools closed.  Pipes freezing.  My neighbor driving his car into my other neighbor's parked car.  Yeah, that happened. Winter chaos by Colorado standards.

    Anywho, as for the training?  On the down low.  Carrying some fatigue from the hard 3 days in the desert.  Cold temps meant easy spins on the Kinetic Trainer.  If being coached by LW Coaching the last 3 years taught me anything....it is how to identify when to ride easy...and when to ride hard to get faster.  This week was easy.  Huge block....then rest.  A great recipe for fitness come Spring and Summer.

    Today was the first day of good feeling legs, so a 90 min tempo at 270 watts was in order.

    Tomorrow is the weekly Oval Ride.....Epic Cam in tow.  Riding along until I have to dig too deep.