• Up to 8,000 ft

    Dang near 70F here in Colorado today!  With the warm weather the only option is up.  Get as high as you can on snow free roads to suck in some thin air.  Sonya Looney drove up from Boulder and joined me for a nice mellow base mile tempo ride up to Estes Park and back to Fort Collins. The route was exactly 5 hours and just over 80 miles.

    It felt great to be out there with hardly any layers for once!  Best part, is the rest of the week is looking warm and sunny!

    Fort Collins - Estes Park - Fort CollinsStarting off on a road that doesn't see much sun this time of year.

    Fort Collins - Estes Park - Fort CollinsSonya leads the charge up the canyon. Only 23 miles to Estes Park from this point.

    Fort Collins - Estes Park - Fort CollinsPassing through Glen Haven, Colorado. Population 20...if that.

    Fort Collins - Estes Park - Fort CollinsLast batch of switchbacks before topping out above Estes Park.

    Fort Collins - Estes Park - Fort CollinsRock and roll! We made it!

    It was a windy push...those last 6 miles into town. The view distracted the howling headwinds.

    Fort Collins - Estes Park - Fort CollinsPrior to heading back down to Fort Collins, it was a stop for a snack. Sonya opts for the 'meat stick' and a root beer. Ha!

    All easy sailing downhill to town.

    Here are the ride stats: HR and Elevation

    All the photos I took today are here.