• Oval Ride - Jan 15

    Good stuff today!  To be the hammer....or the nail?  Always good to be the hammer....but riding/racing in Colorado there is ALWAYS someone that is faster on any given day.  So, in this case you are the nail...and you get hammered into a bloody pulp. I always tell folks the Oval Ride is one of the hardest things I do on a bike....and it is.  It is a given......on each Saturday during the winter months you can guarantee to see max effort more than a few times, bleed out your eyes, cry internally, and have your legs go numb when they load with lactic acid.  It also reminds me why I mountain bike race and not road race, ha!

    I had some good efforts today....and had to dig deep more than once to bridge back up to the lead group on Carter Lake and beyond.

    Oval Ride - Jan 15On the hill prior to the Horsetooth Mountain Park climb I pushed the pace.....which then left us with only 5 riders. It would be this way until the last climb of the day....when Ian Holt would simply ride away. No surprise, as Ian is a strong rider.  The rest of us would roll into the town line finish a few seconds later.

    Oval Ride - Jan 15Here is the power file for those of you that know what you are looking at. 80 miles and a average wattage of 230. For January, I'll take it!

    Here are all the pictures from the day. Note, 99% of these pics are taken when I am not drooling on myself because I am incoherent in pain.

    Sunday is another big block before a day off on Monday.