• The 2011 season has started!

    My 'off season' was a painful 2 weeks.  Basically 1 week of doing nothing but working and sitting on my butt.  Week 2 was more of the same....but I started my Core Performance plan.  Needless to say I as jones'n to get back on the bike....so much so, I didn't sleep well Friday night.  Ha!  I know, I am sick and obsessed.  Oh well, it is what makes me tick, so deal with it.

    Kicking the 2011 season off right!  I hit up the Oval Ride: Lite to get in on the 4 hour Zone 2/3 base mile ride.  'Lite' refers to a slower pace.....the Oval Ride is usually a full out race starting in Jan and Feb.  Legs felt good, for the most part....light and snappy.  The last few long hills had me hit effort levels that should never be seen in December.  I pulled the plug.  I backed it off....and spun the last few miles home alone.