• Product testing

    Someone has to do it.

    GS1 testing in Horsetooth Mountain Park

    The GS1 is a new grip Ergon introducing to the market in 2011. Think of the GS1 and a hybrid mix of the GP1 and GX1. You get the low weight of the GX models....and the comfort of the GP models. This grip is perfect for those long distance riders and racers.  I am quickly falling in love with this new product!

    GS1 testing in Lory State Park

    I am getting about 15-20 hours a week on these new GS1 grips in prep for the Claro Brasil Ride in mid-November.  There is a new internal wing inside the GS1, which is split to allow for different flexing properties while riding. It is a pretty amazing feel! Something the other Ergon grips do not feature at this time.

    GS1 testing in Horsetooth Mountain Park

    Colorado singletrack in the early Fall. It really doesn't get much better!  Today was a 3 hour zone 2-3 mtb ride on the foothills trails, Lory State Park, and Horsetooth Mountain Park.  Funny thing is I have been living here for almost 4 years now....and I rode some 'new to me' trails.  Awesome!!