• Ergon Monster Ride

    Saturday was the Ergon Monster Ride.  The plan was 6+ hours on the mtb.....and never ride the same trail twice. Mission accomplished!  11 riders came into Fort Collins to tackle the challenge.  Here is the 6.5 hours cut down to 5.5 minutes....

    And tons of photos from myself and Jim Fu!

    The route took us through the foothill trails....over through Lory State Park....a loop through Horsetooth Mountain Park.....a loop out at Bobcat Ridge....then back to Fort Collins on the road. We were to hit Blue Sky and Devils Back Bone, but a few flat tires early and late in the ride slowed the pace down. Overall, I think everyone was excited to ride fresh dirt in a new setting. I am sooooooooo fortunate to have these trails literally in my back yard!