• Driving to Interbike....drama

    Well, the drive to Interbike could have gone better....but it could have been 1,000 times worse.  After about 8 hours of solid driving, the Ergon sprinter van was loosing power.  Pedal to the floor, the van would only hit 60 mph.  So, after driving through the 100 miles of nothingness between Green River, UT and Salina, UT we pulled into Salina, UT to let the car sit for a few minutes to see if that would cure the lose of power issue.  Well, we started down the road again only to have the engine suffer a power lose and the engine light come on.  U-Turn.  So, back to Salina, UT we went.  We stopped to get the issues checked out.

    Waiting on the van to get fixed.
    Yuki waiting on the van to be fixed.

    Well after about 2 hours, the mechanic figured out the 'turbo' part that connects to the engine was cracked.  That means new part.  New part for Mercedes Benz turbo diesel engine means it gets in on Tuesday!  We spent the night in Salina, UT....then got a ride to Richfield, UT where we rented a 15 passenger cargo van.  Then we drove back to Salina and loaded all the gear in the Ergon sprinter van into the rental van.    Now we are back on the road.

    GooseberryWe are back on the plan. Not due into Las Vegas until Sunday....so we stopped to ride the chunky and ledgey trails of the Gooseberry Mesa.

    Yuki rides the ledge.

    I am the lead rider....Yuki follows with the Epic Cam HD

    Yuki demonstrates that only in UT can you ride up a steep rock face

    GooseberryWhat a way to end a day!