• Breck-Epic: Stage 3

    What a stage!  44 miles and just over 9400 feet of climbing!  We had good weather at the start, then some clouds rolled in just as we crossed the Continental Divide twice on the day.  The climb over French Pass went well for Sonya and I.  After that, Sonya had some bad mojo issues going up to Georgia Pass.  Although she felt bad on the bike, we still managed a good tempo to catch some riders....and put time on others.  On the descent off of Georgia Pass on the Colorado Trail the clouds broke and the sun brought some much needed speed to our team.  Sonya began hammering!  She managed to take the toughest climb of the day and drop 2 solo male riders and a male duo team....and just about me in the process.  It was unreal!  We got the win again today....but we worked hard for it!  The 13 minute gap we gained today puts us in the lead by 42 minutes over the folks from Kent Eriksen.  Here is a video from the day.  All footage is in order that we rode it.

    .....and the podium shot!

    Stage 3 overall podium