• Fully loaded...packing heat

    Got out this weekend in between the all day rains and the weird intestinal thing I have had going on. Saturday was a drag day. Sunday, I was back to normal...and the rain stopped. I got out for 3.5 hours on the CTR bike...although it was on some dirt and paved roads. It was a good first feel for how the bike rides fully loaded...as well as wearing a fully loaded down Ergon backpack.

    Fully loaded bags on the CTR bike
    Between what I was wearing, what was in my pack, and what is on the bike....here is the complete list:

    Bike shorts – Team bib shorts
    Jersey – Team SS Jersey
    Base Layer – Craft sleeveless
    Gloves (warm) – Ergon
    Gloves (cold/wet) – Endura
    Socks - Swiftwick Merino 4
    Shoes – Northwave Touring
    Cycling headwear – Team Issue Buff
    Arm warmers – Team Issue
    Leg warmers – Team Issue
    Rain pants – GoLite Rain Pants
    Rain jacket – Montbell Outpace parka
    Down jacket - MontBell UL Inner Jacket

    Backpack – Ergon BC2
    Water bladder – 100 oz Ergon/Hydrapak bladder
    Helmet – Cratoni Team Issue w/visor
    Sunglasses – Adidas Supernova’s (2 sets lenses)
    Water Filter - Katadyn Hiker Pro
    Tarp shelter, 3 ti stakes,  2 guy lines
    Sleeping bag - MontBell UL Super Stretch Down Hugger #5 (40F)
    Sleeping bag cover - MontBell UL Sleeping Bag Cover (gore-tex)
    Ground cloth – Adv Med Kit bivy cut in 1/2
    Head lamp – Princeton Tec EOS (zip-tied to helmet)
    Topeak light and Batts.
    Batteries – Lithium AA

    Tool kit
    Topeak Mini Tool
    Topeak Carbon MTB Pump
    Spare Crank Bros. cleats and bolts
    Patch kit for tube
    Spare derailluer hanger
    Chain links (2 sets)
    Chain lube (dry) in micro dropper bottle
    Brake Pads (2 sets)
    Tubes - (2) Standard Conti Tubes
    Small Leatherman

    Adventure Medical Kit trimmed down to the stuff I hope I don't have to use.
    Benadryl for bee stings
    Sunscreen – dropper bottle
    Lip balm
    Chamois Butt’r – dropper bottle
    Toothbrush - Colgate Wisp mini brush (qt: 4)
    Toilet paper in Aloksak bag

    Repair Kit / Emergency Kit
    (4) large zip ties
    (4) small zip ties
    (4) safety pins
    (1) application of Super Glue
    Duct tape
    (6) Water Purification tablets
    Fire Starting Kit – waterproof matches & Mag striker

    Waterproof Storage – (4) 5x4 Aloksak
    Purchase Power – Cash ($1's and $5's) and credit card
    Camera kit – Fuji FinePix Digital Cam

    - ELETE in dropper bottle
    - Misc. food/calories

    The weight of the bike, bags, and gear as seen in the image above is 31 lbs.  I am always open to thoughts, suggestions, and comments.  After all, this is a learning process.

    3.5 hour spin on the loaded CTR bikeToday's route wasn't anything special. Picked a loop with a long climb...and some longer descents. Bike went up hill well. It rides 'lighter' than it feels when you lift it.  Bike really isn't that heavy when loaded....or as bad as it 'could' be.

    Now it is time to weed out what I need in my race kit....and what I don't.  I am sure things will change between now and Aug. 2 at 6 AM.