• Sneak Peek: Continental X-King

    2010 Offenburg World CupYou may or may not know that Continental is developing a new tire for the coming model year. This new tire is called the X-King.....or Mountain Cross. If you are familiar with Conti's tire line, the new X-King is a mix between the Mountain King and Race King. As in previous years, members of Team Topeak-Ergon help to develop this new tire. While the tread pattern is not 100% set in stone, the images below will give you an idea of what this new tire will be like.

    2010 Offenburg World CupThe new X-King takes the high volume of the Race King...and adds some knobs similar to the Mountain King....but in a lower profile. This tire rolls fast...but still hooks up really well in loose conditions.  Can you say, "The perfect Colorado tire!"

    2010 Offenburg World CupHere is the Race King 2.2 (Left) up against the new X-King 2.4 (right). Visually both tires look the same width....but you still run into Conti's sizing weirdness. My take on it, if you like the Race King 2.2.....get the X-King 2.4.

    2010 Offenburg World Cup
    Fresh off a very muddy and sticky Offenburg course, the X-King proves it can shed the mud well.  In the image, you are looking at the 2.4 version of the X-King

    More to come!