• Bags on a bike

    As requested, here are images of the Epic Designs bags on my Rotwild R.R2 FS bike.  Yes, I plan to run the SRAM XX.  Tire change is most likely coming as well.  Continental has a new tire they are testing with the team that should be perfect for an event like the Colorado Trail Race.

    CTR bike with bagsAll the bags in place. Everything fits like a glove!

    CTR bike with bags"Gas Tank" on the top tube for easy access to items like food, map, camera, etc, etc.

    CTR bike with bagsThe inside of the "Gas Tank"

    CTR bike with bagsThe frame bag the fill the entire main triangle of the bike. Lots of storage here in either 1 or 2 seperate compartments.

    CTR bike with bagsOne big ass seat bag! Fill it with items like sleeping bag, clothing, etc, etc.

    CTR bike with bags
    Very low profile.

    CTR bike with bagsClose up of frame bag details.

    CTR bike with bagsThe bike is ready to start testing. What to bring? What not to bring? Many overnight trips are already planned. These will help to streamline the race machine.