• 6 hour blocks

    With the trip to Koblenz and Offenburg Germany coming up tomorrow (Monday). The weekend training was all about piling on the hours.  Six hour days on Saturday and Sunday were spent on the mtb on the road due to the rainy weather on Saturday....and because of the saturated trails from the earlier in the week snow fall.

    Saturday I left the camera at home. With rain all around me, I left the camera at home in exchange for the MontBell rain jacket. Yes, it was used. Out of my 6 hour ride I spent about 2 hours in it. Oddly enough both time I got rained on were when I was at the highest and coldest points on my route.  Not having the jacket would have been a ride ender for sure.  At about the 4 hour mark I was drag'n ass.  I ended up having my first soda is gosh knows how long.  It was delightful....and a nice little kick in the pants for the rest of the ride.

    Sunday's weather was perfect!  Almost completely blue skies and very little wind.  I opted to head up to Estes Park because of muddy trails.  Yes the trails are muddy.  Just ask those folks who decided to ride the trails today and then put their muddy bike on the back of their SUV.  A little reminder people....you are NOT doing the trails any favors.  Give it time...please.

    The workoutHere is today's workout. Let me break it down for you: 1 hour warm up. 1 hour at HR 150. 20 min at HR 160-170. Recover for 30-40 minutes. 1 hour at HR 150. Finish remainder of ride based on feel and energy levels.

    Estes Park, COThe ride up to Estes Park went better than I thought. My legs felt better today than they did yesterday. Figured there be a bit more snow up here as well....considering Estes Park got almost 1 foot of snow on Tuesday.

    5.5 hr training dayHere is the route I chose. Pretty popular route for cyclists in this area. I added some extra little climbs in to give me a 5.5 hour day and just shy of 105 miles.

    The weekend block went well. A big system stimulator leading up to a week of travel and light riding. Tomorrow, I am heading to Germany for work...and to attend the Offenburg World Cup. No, I am not racing and have no interest in doing so. Stay tuned, as I will upload video and images as interweb connections become available.