• Fresh dirt and fresh ride

    Yesterday all of the 2010 Topeak-Ergon team equipment landed here in Colorado from Germany.  After many hours of sorting...and then building....I was able to get one of my 2 bikes put together.  Bike number 2 will be complete after we receive the remaining SRAM XX parts.

    2010 Topeak-Ergon team HTEven if I never did ride this bike, it is something to look at...that's for sure!

    1st ride on the new HTI did get out today for about 2.5 hours. Dirt is mostly dry here in Ft Collins, so I got to break in the bike proper. Got to say, I love the first ride on the SRAM XX. The shifting is solid and there appears to be enough gearing to go around...regardless of the terrain.

    1st ride on the new HT
    My ride was cut about 15 minutes short today, as the dark clouds seen here made their way over the foothills. The entire way home, I was running from the white curtain of rain coming behind me.

    Feels good to get off the road and on the dirt this time of year.  Hoping the wet weather stays way west today so I get get in more dirt time the next 3 days.  I have a fresh ride I need to break in!