• CTR Prep

    By far my biggest undertaking on the bike....ever....will be the CTR this August.  By far this is the most I have prep'd for an event....especially outside of the training.  Lots of gear to get my hands on and lots of testing needs to be done.  About the only thing that is pretty certain is the bike I will be riding, and the general idea of how I will go about carrying the gear I need for 4-5 days on the bike.

    CO Trail Race custom frame bag
    I went to Eric at Epic Designs up in Alaska to custom build a bag to fit the main triangle of my Rotwild....as well as have him build 2 other bags which will go on this bike.  I have a 6+ week wait until I get my bags, but this will be the ticket.  Have to find the happy medium of carrying weigh on the bike...and on my body.

    Also, see that Magura fork on the bike?  Yeah, that is 120mm of terrain ass kick'n fun! Model is the Magura Durin Marathon with external adjustable travel

    I am super excited for this adventure.  This will be different from the traditional lap/circle races....different goals....different approach.

    More to come!