• Oval Ride

    Oval Ride - March 6, 2010
    Race season must be near, cause local riders are FLYING!  With some of the local racing starting today, I was happy to see over 20 people for today's weekly suffer-fest.  I think I survived about 70 of the roughly 90 miles before I burned through all my matches.  The gradual uphill run to the Carter Lake switchbacks at over 25 mph is what did me and others in.  I would spend the last hour of the ride chasing....but not making much headway on those in front of me.  I would catch a few riders that would pop, but damn, the lead group had some serious power to the pedals.  By the time I got back to the house I just wanted to lay down....my tank was empty.

    Oval Ride - March 6, 2010The awesomeness of the day? Near 60F temps and a post-ride road bike not covered in road crap!