• Warmth of the canyon

    CanyonMonday-Wednesday was all about sub-threshold work.  Thursday was a light day with 30 minutes of spinning.  Today?  That was a short session up the canyon with some harder effort thrown in to keep the legs snappy for the Gateway Ride in Boulder on Saturday.  This past week has been awesome with temps near 50F.  Looks like we run out of good weather starting late Sunday.  No worries, as the team leaves for Tucson, AZ on Wednesday.  Hoping for a warm and dry 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.  I need singletrack.  I bet it has been since our Moab trip in early November that I have ridden off road on singletrack.  Might be a bit rusty next weekend.

    CanyonChoose your gears wisely.

    CanyonAround the bend...watch the sand.