• Groove

    Miles.A week off the bike is a long time. Doesn't seem like a lot, but when your body is used to it....the effects are noticeable.  The last few days I have been getting back into the training groove.  Lots of 'Sweet Spot' intervals to get the system back on track.  Yesterday was on the flats along I-25.  Today I needed a change of scenery, so I headed west to play on the rises in the foothills.  Wattage goals today was a set amount of intervals at 280-290 wts.  The fun part is keeping those wattage numbers while you climb at 12 mph and descend at 30+.  Tomorrow will be more of the same.

    I arrived home to some more wheel boxes sitting on the door step.  This time it was my wheel build for my CTR bike.

    CTR Wheel buildIt is no secret that DT Swiss is a Topeak-Ergon team sponsor.  So, that is what I have to work with.  Came up with a build that is light and durable.  Also, these wheels can be repaired along the route if that issue should arise.

    CTR Wheel buildStraight out of Grand Junction, CO and build by the man himself.  Thanks guys!

    The pieces are coming together.  Both for the bike....and the engine.