• Gateway

    Gateway RideI am in Boulder for the weekend, so I hit the Gateway Ride to get in my 'race effort' for the week.  Had about 50 folks show up...give or take a few.  A lot less than last week according to some riders who mentioned there was close to 120+ riders!  Wow!  50 riders is about the right number.  It is a safe number.  You still get some good talent that shows up and you can still work the peloton.  Today, I was able to talk Yuki into coming up from Denver to enjoy the suffering.
    Gateway Ride
    Unlike the Oval Ride in Fort Collins, this ride is what I call "choppy."  One minute you are red-line....next you are at a chill pace. This goes on for a better part of 2.5 hours.  Fast.  Slow.  Fast. Slow.  Definitely takes a toll on the legs at times.

    Gateway RideThe group stops for food after Carter Lake...and to regroup. The switch backs up Carter Lake always blow things apart in a major way. Yuki seemed happy to stop. Hehehehehe!

    Gateway RideWe finished out the ride in 2.5 hours with fewer than we started with. The 2.5 hours mark was just the beginning as Yuki and I headed out for another 2 hours of some climbing work.

    Gateway RideYuki grinds away up Old Stage Rd.  50-60 rpm is not fun.

    Gateway RideThen we climbed up to Jamestown. Had enough yet, Yuki? 

    Gateway RideAfter Jamestown it is all downhill back to Boulder. Lightly thrashed legs welcomed the nice downhill.

    Riding downhill holding camera with one hand and using the front brake in the other hand on sandy corners is....umm...yeah...sketchy at times.

    Gateway RideWe got back to the house with a ride time of 4.5 hours and 95 miles for the day. Yuki then gave me his secret weapon. Green tea KitKat's! Yes, they are green....and yes, they taste awesome!!!  What is better than sugar and green tea antioxidants.  Word!

    On the way back into town, we rode upon a multi airplane crash on the northern edge of the city of Boulder.  WOW!  Unreal!