• Watching clouds

    Mtb on dirt roads east of Ft Collins.
    Clouds rolling around Longs Peak and Mt Meeker.

    It is no secret that a series of large weather systems are moving in from the West. Heck, I was supposed to head to St George, UT this weekend to ride myself stupid, but that got canceled due to massive amounts of rain in the desert. Yes, I said desert. From there is was onto LA and San Diego for some Ergon related work and riding. Now, there will be no bikes, and I will be flying out with
    my partner in crime. Not all is lost. Just sucks that weather can take a plan that has been set for months.....and turn it inside out.

    So now, I can train my butt off until the end of Saturday. Then, on Sunday hop on a plane to LA....then fly back on that following Saturday AM from San Diego.