• Training goes unzipped

    2 hour mtb tempoWarm today. Well, warmer compared to what it has been over the past month or so...hence the reason for the frozen mass of water in the background. Temps here in Ft Collins were just over 50F Chances that is 45F warmer than were you are at. This is one of the joys of living here in Colorado. The temps spike high like the mountains.....then they drop like the valleys. The good news, is the warmer temps are forecasted to stay for the long term. Long term meaning with in the next 7 days that 9 News shows us Front Ranger's

    2 hour mtb tempo
    Workout today was very relaxing....therapeutic if you will. Headed out for a 2 hour tempo on the hardtail...and threw in the climbs that roll along Horsetooth Reservoir. Saw a few other cyclist out there...and one runner running shirtless....in shorts. Really? Was it that warm? I suppose it was. I personally had most of my layers unzipped. I was overdressed. Guess the runner had it nailed....even with his bright red chest.

    2 Hr mtb temp on the road along Horsetooth Res.Heck, it is only Tuesday and I am already looking forward to weekend rides. Long, hard, and fast on Saturday. Then some good mountain dirt road action on Sunday!

    Now, back to work! Not me. You. Well.....me too.