• SRAM supports Topeak-Ergon

    SRAM XXI am pretty excited to announce that SRAM will be supporting Team Topeak-Ergon USA in 2010. SRAM is a new supporter to the team and we welcome them with open arms.  Leading the way in drivetrain technology, SRAM will be supporting the team with XX.  What does that mean?  Well for those not up to date on current mountain bike drivetrain....current drivetrains use a 3x9 gear combo.  This new XX combo from SRAM is 2x10 which will offer faster shifting, smoother shifting, and helps drop the overall weight of the bike.

    Team Topeak-Ergon USA will be equipped with the following:

    This technology is a jump forward in innovation.  I am looking forward to bolting these parts on the new Rotwild bikes for 2010.  Stay tuned as parts roll in and I can give a first hand account.  Reviews and first hand accounts on the 'net have been nothing but positive and mind blowing.