• Last push

    So, I wasn't sure what to expect today.  I have been off the bike for the last 2-3 days because I have been feeling 'under the weather.'  Last night I started feeling pretty much back to normal.  One thing was for sure, I needed to ride.  With the Oval Ride going today, I made this the plan.  I told myself the second I don't have it in the legs I was going to pull off and spin home.  This ride is notorious for being hard....but today it wasn't what it could have been.  Don't get me wrong, I still had to dig deep....so did others.

    About 10 miles in the ride, myself and another rider dangled off the front.  It was a test for me to see what the legs could and would do.  The legs felt good enough at the time.   At the stop light, I sat up and got back in the group as 3 others jumped ahead with the rider I had been riding with and rode away.  A long way.  This lead group would stay away from before Windsor, CO all the way to Carter Lake.  The main group of the Oval Ride was disorganized today.  To many fitness levels left the group unorganized.  Rolling into Berthoud, CO the group was together.....then I found myself up the road with 2 other riders.  We went for it.  With no super huge burst in speed, we kept it steady and road away from the main group of 20ish riders behind us.  Just before the Carter Lake switch backs we saw the group of 4 that had been off the front for over an hour.  Sure enough and the top of Carter Lake we caught this  group to become a larger and now stronger group.

    We would ride as a group all the way to the base of the climb to Horsetooth Mountain Park.  Here the group would split and 3 riders would ride back to town together.  The rest of us would ride solo into town to call it a day.

    I was surprised how my legs felt today.  I suppose you could say 2 days of recovery was what the Dr. ordered.  I am sure I will be sore tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, Sunday starts 6 days of no bike.  I am off to SoCal for work....but it will be to talk about bikes.  So that is training.....right?