• Gateway Ride: Boulder

    I am in Boulder this weekend. Plan for today (Saturday) was for 4-5 hours of fast paced road group riding. Coach said to "Empty the tank." I have always heard of the Gateway Ride here in Boulder. It is basically the weekly hammer-fest this time of year. I bet we had 50-60 riders show up at 10 AM for the ride. Only knew a few of the riders in the group, I had no idea what the ride would be like.

    The Ride rolled out north of town to Lyons at a chill pace. It was not until we started heading north that any effort was laid out. I had to initiate the harder riding. We were cruising along with like 60+ people. I basically pulled out of the pack and just road away. I was soon joined by 2 other riders, one of them being Kat Statman. We set a tempo and stay away from the large group behind us for about 25 minutes.

    It was not until before the Carter Lake switchbacks of doom that we were caught. The switchbacks pretty much blew apart our ride. Riders were yo-yoing. Me, my legs were heavy and not 100%. I was sitting right in the middle of the lead group and the 2nd group with 2 other dudes. Though for sure I would being riding back to Boulder with these 2 guys, but that was not the case, as when we got to the descent off Carter Lake, all the groups stopped to fuel and regroup.....

    After a quick snack and some chit chat we dropped off the reservoir and started heading back south to Boulder....

    From here on out, the pace would only pick up a few times....nothing too crazy. The group would roll back into Boulder and riders would go their own ways. For me, I needed some more time, so I headed up into the foothills to get in some climbing with my all ready group ride fatigued legs.

    Boulder based Gateway Ride and a little extraHere is a recap of today's training. Got in roughly 95 miles in about 4.5 hours...21 mph average speed. It was a good day....but my legs didn't feel 100% right. Not sure what the deal was. Can't complain at all since it is only January.