• A bug?

    Sick Zone?Seems I caught some sort of bug. Doesn't appear to be too bad. Thank goodness!  Yesterday was a taste that something wasn't right with my inner workings.  I headed out on a 2.5 hour training ride that involved some lengthy hard intervals.  The warm up seemed not right.....sluggish.  Sure enough, 1/2 way through the first interval the power severely dropped and the HR was waaaay higher than it should have been.  I made the call and turned it around for home.  The rest of the day I felt drained and tired.

    This AM I woke up at my normal 7ish AM.  Out of bed I had no spunk or energy.  That was a clear indicator to take yet another day off from physical activity.  I am bummed, as I was hoping to get in some longer and harder hours before next weeks trip to SoCal for work.  I still have 2 days left before I leave on a work trip.  Praying that this is a 24 hour bug.

    In the meantime, I am sucking down the tea, citrus fruit, and Cold Snap.  It is a waiting game now.

    Next week will be busy.  Sonya and myself are launching an Ergon assault on SoCal.  Road trip!

    SoCal Ergon Dealer Trip