• Weekend sessions

    A 5 hr day on the paved roads outside of Boulder. With the snowfall from last weekend now finally starting to melt...things were a bit sloppy in spots. I opted for the mtb as to keep the road bike clean...and to generate more body heat and resistance. First 3 hrs were good. After 3 hours, the light wind out of the west started to make the effort noticeable. Coming back from Carter Lake I had some tough moments. But around hour 4, things clicked over and I was back and motoring down the road. Where was everyone? I only saw one other Ft Collins based rider. The effort was higher than what was being done the previous weeks...and I woke up the next AM feeling it.


    Another 5 hour day on the mtb. With warmer temps than on Sunday I decided to head up into the mountains.

    5 hr mtb zone 2-3 tempoI made it to around 9,200 ft after having started at 5,300 ft, only to get turned around by what would become heavy snow. Not wanting to get soaked, I headed back down to the low lands to finish the last 2.5 hours. After Saturday's effort, it was noticeable that my legs were not 100%. The little rises in the roads made me hurt...filling with lactic acid. The video gives an good idea of conditions.